Teachable , an online course hosting platform, says that everything is teachable on this earth. You can teach anything on teachable and sell your online course to your audience. In this digitized world there are so many opportunities in which we can enrich our knowledge and skills and even develop the talents that we have. It is not compulsory that learning should be one on one, online course platform is the best medium for learning. An online course hosting platforms are now readily available at our fingertips.


Statistics has shown that online course hosting platforms are the best platforms to host courses online. Allow me to show you the Teachable statistics by which you will be amazed for sure.

A well- researched statistics showed that over 5,000,000 students are current enrolled in this online learning platform, this figure is pretty much. There are also over 200,000 active online courses with over 10,000 online instructors teaching in this platform.

Being an online instructor means you will be teaching to your audience and you are expecting a payment in rerun which is really incredible. Many individuals have taken this opportunity to earn themselves sustainable amount of money. Statistics has shown that over $50,000,000 has so far been earn by the online instructors.

With teachable, you can get a perfectly simulated classroom experience. You can sell hundreds of online courses or even more to make huge amount of money. So, the more you share your knowledge the more you get rewarded for it.


Passiveable_Teachable _Pricing

Fig: Teachable Pricings

The price tag is reasonably affordable for everyone. It has 4 plans Free, Basic, Professional, High Volume. Each plans has its own benefit hence their different price tag. Like the saying goes “the more you pay, the more value you obtain”.

  • Free plan– At first, Let’s discuss the Free plan. You can try Teachable for a test run for free if you are a newbie. All you need to do is signup for an account and create your school. This plan has no transaction fees for free courses but if you make a sale on paid courses on your free plan Teachable will charge you $1 fixed fee plus 10% of the course price and a credit card processing fee which is 2.9% of the course price plus 30 cents.
  • Basic plan– For the Basic plan you have to pay $39 per month. This plan is basically meant for those instructors who have some course content in hand and completely ready to launch with their first premium online course. You can transit into high paying plans if you think you can handle that.
  • Professional plan– While for the Professional plan, the price tag is $199 per month. The professional plan is the most popular plan because it has so many values to offer. Most instructor in the basic plan will definitely update their current plan to the professional plan as their business grows. However, the rate at which people move from the profession plan to high volume plan is very high.
  • High volume plan– The final and highly rated plan is the High volume plan which has a price tag of $229 per month. To have maximum and best experience of teachable this plan is a go. It might be expensive than other plans, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you plan to pay annually  you have to $33.25 per month for the Basic plan and $83.25 per month for the Professional plan. There is no option for High volume plan to pay annually. You can always write to Teachable support team if you have any queries about the plan.


You can get the best features on this platform. These features will enable you to better arrange you course content in ways that will foster learning process.

  • Customization– Teachable has incredible customization features. You can create an excellent online course with multimedia lectures by adding audios, videos, pdf files, images and many more. You can also download documents from google drive, One Drive and other online media. More so, to make this interesting, you can integrate your work into any website that you’ve created. You can also try to transform the language used, so that you will be able to reach out to larger audience worldwide.
  • Learning tool– Another wonderful feature is the learning tool which enables an environment for proper learning by creating student interactive platform. This section includes quizzes, interactive sections and administrative forum. All these are important so that students progress can be monitored and overall excellent performance can be achieved.
  • Market tool – Another feature is the market tool. This tool is very important in order to grow your business. There’s no way you can make a sustainable profit if you can’t market your business. To do this, you can create a promotion and give your customer some percentage on each of your sale, you can as well reward people for sharing your course as a way of encouragement.
  • Analytics– There is also an in- built analytics feature to track your growth level. With this, you can know the number of student enrolled in your course in a particular month, have their contacts and know the amount earned at a particular period of time using the available data and graphs.

Student’s data are correctly backed up and are highly protected. It can easily be provided when needed. Which means you are given the ownership of your students data.


The customers that patronizes this platform have testified to the fact that they’ve been able to use teachable to make a lot of money by merely selling online courses. This implies that if you really want to be financially buoyant make teachable an opportunity of a life time.


To start with Teachable,

  • You need to create a course for free to attract more people, as you know that people likes to subscribe for free things.
  • Then upload your course content to get students aware of what they are about to learn and to capture their minds.
  • The next and important step is to make the learning environment beautiful because beauty is one factor that attract almost anyone.
  • You can then proceed to engage your students by having an interactive section with them.
  • The final step is totell your students the benefits that await them for subscribing to your course and then share your knowledge about the course to them.


The users of teachable are diverse.

  • Creators– The users includes those that are very creative and doing things they love doing. Those that are highly talented in graphic design, animation, 3D imaging, Photography and many more.
  • Youtubers– The users also comprise of youtubers who can monetize video by putting them online for people to view and subscribe to.
  • Niche Experts– Experts who are very good at writing and carrying out their teaching on topics of various niches. These are multi- talented individuals.
  • Authors– Authors are also sect of users that makes and create marketable online products.
  • Marketplaces– The marketplace is where you can actually sell your courses and it also a place where you employ and pay those you employed for jobs well done. It is therefore good to create an enabling market place that will give you the desired profit.
  • Enterprises– Finally, Enterprises use available material to organize training for employees and give the customers the real value they desired.


You can run your school more efficiently by integrating third-party programs. You can integrate Google Analytics (available on free plan), SumoMe (available on free plan), Zapier, Mailchimp, Segment, ConvertKit, Vizia.

You can also add Tracking Pixel , Webinar or Live Video Stream and Webhooks with your online school.


Yes off course. Many market leaders that knows the usefulness of teachable, use it to improve their product and services. Some of these market leaders include The New York Times, Intuit, Shopify, Stella & Dot and Penn Law.


You can see that Teachable is an incredible platform to host your online course. It has limitless values of using it. I can say that if you are looking for an amazing platform to host your online course Teachable is a go without any doubt. Do you know any other course hosting platform which has great features and benefits? Please share your thoughts and let others know about it. You know sharing is caring.